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Study by Sarah Mason

Sarah Mason On WMR 2017

Women’s Mountain Retreat


Speaker: Sarah Mason


There are those Christians who telegraph their heart without saying a word: Sarah Mason is one of those.  We call it their “countenance” that look in their eyes that is unmistakably what is in the deep recesses of their soul.  In Sarah, her eyes speak of humility, of a Cross, the Blood that stained it and the One who shed it.

          The first time I saw this young woman, I saw Jesus!

          Through the years, she has taught a Ladies Bible Class on Monday nights at her church; she has used her wonderful education to succeed in the business world, but her education lends itself to both, as well as to other ministries, other businesses.  She secured her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, with an emphasis on counseling, in 2003 from the famed Liberty University in Virginia.

          Sarah testifies, “I was 24 years old when I began my higher education.  My pastor, Pastor Bob, had passed away a year prior, and, at his funeral, my mind was busy with how we all loved and would miss him, but, also, that he was only in his 50’s! 

          “I related to this because I was already moving quickly toward my 30’s and, unlike Pastor Bob, had done nothing of substance, nothing really significant with my life, while he, though young, had done so much for the Glory of God, and had been impactful to so many.

          “I began to see how God, miraculously, had been preparing me for use in His Kingdom; even in Kindergarten my father was teaching me the books of the Bible, and with that foundation and my education, I had my highest hurdle yet to get over…speaking in public.  Thirteen years of teaching the Ladies Bible Class became the perfect antidote for that fear.

          “With all this behind me, God began to teach me one of our most valuable lessons as Christians; how to wait “patientfully”, and “faithfully” on Him.  His schedule did not coincide with mine, yet, I have found it to be perfect.

          “Now I can walk, in the “calling”, in a ministry to women of God, and to precious lost souls.  Waiting on God successfully yields blessings, and victories no other exercise of Faith will bring.  I still become impatient at times, but He knows how to calm, to teach and encourage me during these times.

          “Women’s Mountain Retreat is a glorious vehicle for learning, for worshipping and for enjoying each other as we enjoy God’s presence.