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Many of you ladies know Linda Hicks, and many of you have enjoyed her teaching, and, of course, her beautiful singing through the years; she and I had a conversation recently that dealt with, “Who will follow us in women’s ministry.”

We don’t travel around the world, Miss Linda and I barely travel through the south, occasionally going north or west.  Though our ministry is small by today’s standard, it is a niche’ that must be filled.  It involves many smaller churches, smaller groups of women who could not afford to have many of the more well-known speakers involved in women’s ministries.  

But that is not to say that lesser known speakers are in any way inferior in knowledge, in commitment or in calling.  “Speaking” is a calling. One must have God-given characteristics, much like singers, musicians or writers: it is a specific gift.  

“Who will follow us?”  We asked each other.  Our heart is all about the heart of God for women.  Let’s face it?  We are different than men.  We are very emotional, tender compassionate and have the capacity to walk through fire for those we love.  Men have these same qualities, but God made them a little more pronounced in us.  Men have qualities we don’t have, yet it all works together beautifully when we find our place.  

Which brings me to the answer of the question at hand:

In a few days, I will be introducing you to Sarah Mason.  Sarah is a young woman from the Columbus, OH area who is everything God was looking for when He answered the question, “This is who will follow in the women’s ministry!”

Part I of Sarah’s first teachings will be on these websites very soon.  Then you can see for yourself that God always has a great plan when we can’t see the future!