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The Shepherd’s Wife


INTRODUCING: THE SHEPHERD’S WIFE  I promised God I would “try” to never allow these websites to be as stale and unattended as in the past.  It is “a new day” for these sites. I hope you have read the “Promo” for Sarah Mason’s new series on “The Battle.”  We will, without fail, unveil her first …

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Shepherd’s Wife (Part 1)

Preface  “Something’s wrong with Lisa,” Kyla’s mother, Eulalia said. “I think she’s just tired,” Kyla responded.   “No, Kyla.  This goes much deeper than just tired.”   This was the day that God revealed to Kyla and her mother, that my husband, Scott, was to preach the gospel.  He was going to become a shepherd. How …

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Shepherd’s Wife (Part 2)

“Bloom where you are planted.”  I didn’t like it when Kyla told me that years ago, but, I’ve learned to love and accept it.   God can use you right where you are.  It doesn’t matter where, just ask Him and He will open a door of opportunity for you. “I have no talent.”  Is that what you are saying?  …

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Shepherd’s Wife (Part 3)

This may shock some readers that are not pastor’s wives, but today we will be discussing: “THE CAR RIDE TO CHURCH”. How are your trips to church?  Are they peaceful and full of joy in serving the Lord as I imagined before Scott and I started this journey?  Or, is the ‘getting there’ hard?  Are …

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Shepherd’s Wife (Part 4)

Have I mentioned, “He’s Still Working On Me”?  He sure is.  I have so much to learn.  So much I want to learn.  But therein lays the key: wanting to learn.  “Seek and ye shall find.”  Are we seeking God’s will and God’s way for our lives in every situation? I’m sure you can look …

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Shepherd’s Wife (Part 5)

My Advice I have been bombarded as of late with questions from fellow Christians seeking guidance.  How difficult it is to be a Christian in this sinful existence we live in!  Many of these have the hard task of combining what Jesus would be pleased with and what they can realistically deal with. We are …

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