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I promised God I would “try” to never allow these websites to be as stale and unattended as in the past.  It is “a new day” for these sites.

I hope you have read the “Promo” for Sarah Mason’s new series on “The Battle.”  We will, without fail, unveil her first essay on this subject which involves every human on the face of the earth.  For God’s people, the Bible is full of teachings every human on the face of the earth.  For God’s people, the Bible is full of teachings on the subject, and Sarah Mason has a God-given gift for teaching.  Don’t miss this new series.  

And, now, “The Shepherd’s Wife.”  Lisa Greene has been such a wife for 17 years, and in her tenure in this post, she has experienced very high “highs” and very low “lows.”

From her husband’s answer to the call to the present day her life as the wife of a shepherd has seen things usually not experienced until much later in this ministry.  

You have heard, “a good wife can make a man; a bad wife can break him.”  It says “can,” meaning “not always,” but, certainly this is often true.  

My heart has always been compassionate toward this select group of women, but I could write through the eyes of a pastor’s daughter, Lisa can write with first hand knowledge and experience.  

This series is God-ordained, and we bring it to you with the hope that it will give much needed insight and understanding to these younger wives, and newfound strength and encouragement to wives who have been in this position for a good many years.  

We all need to hear from others who can address our own personal issues in this life called “the Christian walk,” which is, as Jesus promised the disciples, laden with tribulation.  

Shepherd wives, Lisa’s words will help you not feel so alone, so isolated, as this position will often cause you to feel.  Read her articles, draw courage and spiritual stamina to fight your unique fight!