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Shepherd’s Wife (Part 3)

This may shock some readers that are not pastor’s wives, but today we will be discussing: “THE CAR RIDE TO CHURCH”.

How are your trips to church?  Are they peaceful and full of joy in serving the Lord as I imagined before Scott and I started this journey?  Or, is the ‘getting there’ hard?  Are you driving Satan right up to the church door?

The journey to the House of God for a pastor and his family is a dangerous trip.  Satan is alive and well and will hop inany vehicle to try to stop you from serving God.  But, if he can hit the pastor, look at the lives he can effect just by hitting God’s man.

What is a wife to do?  Pray.  Pray thru the week, pray hard and with determination.  When a church member has called, mad because something didn’t go their way, or when your child has called with a flat tire and you are on your way to church, or you pass someone walking, dirty, smelling and needing a ride, or your husband is just so troubled he turns the car around and says he’s not going—WHAT do you do?  There is only one answer, the same answer for each of these situations my friends—PRAY.

Talking back, fussing, telling him where he went wrong will do no good.  Don’t wait until you are at this point before you pray.  All of these things have happened and more, and now…you’ve pulled up to smiles and waves and you are miserable.  Your nerves are shot, but you are there to help in any way you can.  You are there to help your husband, the shepherd, to feed God’s sheep. What do you do?  Pray.  Simply Pray…

For you see, if Satan is up to that much mischief, God is up to something bigger!  We don’t know what the sheep has been through during the week.  We don’t know what heart God is tilling up for receiving The Word.  We don’t know what sinner may walk through the door for the first time.  We don’t know who holds the key to the service that will break the chains and let the Holy Spirit move across the congregation.  God may use a three-year-old little girl’s song.  I saw that happen just a few months ago.  The Holy Spirit moved so through her song, that The Good Shepherd Himself preached that sermon.  Nothing was needed from the under shepherd.

That car ride home will be different for God is bigger than anything Satan can throw at you.  Look for something big to happen during the services, for when Satan is fighting that hard, God is surely working and will be triumphant!