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Shepherd’s Wife (Part 4)

Have I mentioned, “He’s Still Working On Me”?  He sure is.  I have so much to learn.  So much I want to learn.  But therein lays the key: wanting to learn.  “Seek and ye shall find.”  Are we seeking God’s will and God’s way for our lives in every situation?

I’m sure you can look back on your life and see where God was working and you had no idea He was even near, simply orchestrating His perfect plan for you.  There have been many valleys crossed where you simply couldn’t see God in it.  That is where Faith, my friend, comes into view.  We just cannot stand without Faith.

These valleys that I mentioned are crucial to our spiritual growth.  I have had many heartaches from learning to lean on my Jesus.  Even now Satan is trying to fight me, trying to discourage me from writing this installment of The Shepherd’s Wife.  If we can ever recognize Satan for what he truly is, a liar, deceiver, lover of self, and lover of sin, we can combat his antics with more fervor.  His audacity is quite appalling.

In Luke 10, we see such a picture of combating Satan.  The disciples had seen some astounding results while they preached in Jesus’ name.  The miracles they witnessed while on the road for Christ lit their fire for Jesus even more.  But Jesus tells them even more miraculous than those things seen, was the fact that their names were written in heaven.

Then we come to the “meat” of the story.  Jesus thanks God for these things.  This is God’s own Son.  In verse 21 we see such a beautiful picture.  “In that hour Jesus rejoiced in spirit, and said, I thank thee, O Father, Lord of heaven and earth, that thou hast hid these things from the wise and prudent, and hast revealed them unto babes: even so, Father, for so it seemed good in thy sight.”

Jesus thanked God.  He gave God thanks that this Spiritual Truth was not just given to the elite, the rich, talented, intelligent, powerful, or comely, but to EVERYONE.    You cannot come to Christ with these things.  You have to come to Him as a little child with that child-like trust.  There are two people I have witnessed with this kind of trust in my life time.  They were my mother-in-law and Kyla’s mother, Eulalia.  Eulalia was bright, flamboyant, a great story-teller, full of life, and spiritual insight like no one I’ve ever seen before or since.  My mother-in-law was just the opposite in many ways, except for one thing: they both trusted God no matter what.  That is what people remember.  It is not their works or deeds.  They left an indelible mark on the lives they touched simply because of their Faith in Jesus Christ.

Both have gone on to be with the Lord now and who is left to carry this attribute to the next generation for learning?  You and I.

I witnessed a high school graduation recently, and always enjoy hearing the speakers selected from the student body.  They are among the brightest in the class.  I was, however, so very disappointed in what I heard.  There were many references to the life of today both locally and nationally, but there was no mention of God.  No mention of God at all.  In fact, there was only recognition for self.  Even esteeming themselves higher than their own parents.  My heart sank.

God restored my outlook in some of the up and coming graduates however, when I came home and, while looking through some photos of others graduating, one young man had written on top of his graduation cap for all the world to see: “I know how I made it, I made it by grace.”

We have indeed.  We have made it by grace!  With this wonderful God given grace and shoring up our faith in Him, can we combat Satan?  Absolutely!  What a glorious thought!