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Shepherd’s Wife (Part 5)

My Advice

I have been bombarded as of late with questions from fellow Christians seeking guidance.  How difficult it is to be a Christian in this sinful existence we live in!  Many of these have the hard task of combining what Jesus would be pleased with and what they can realistically deal with.

We are but human flesh.  But yet, the question remains, “how do we help?”  It is a dangerous place to be, for if you give the wrong advice, you have risked events in another person’s life.  Perhaps divorce, estranged children, a relative that refuses help with substance abuse.  All of these things can drive us to pure bewilderment.  I have no right to advise anyone.  My life has been so very full of mistakes.  Yet, when asked, I will do my best with God’s help.  Please understand, I do not condone any of these things.  I simply desire God to have His way.

No words of great wisdom are here.  They are all found in the Word of God.  Yes, I do have a friend who has recently went through a divorce and yes, I do have a friend that is considering it.  Both leaning on God the best they know how.  For one, it was a matter of Matthew 19:7-8.  God speaks of “hardening of the heart.”

What do you do in the case of a “hardened heart?”  Are you to wait to be delivered?  If so, how long? Two, three, four years?  When will God release you of this burden either through reconciliation or divorce?  How will you know it is truly from God?  I must admit, I have no answer except for prayer and truly listening to God.  So many times, we pray a prayer, and really cry out to God, but we do not wait to listen.  We cannot hear from God if our ear is not turned to Him.

In words of my friend, “I pray before I get up, when I get up, in the shower, before bed and in bed.  Lean on God.  He will guide you if you trust.  One Day, One Prayer At A Time.  Every step I take is a step of faith.  When I can’t see what’s in front of me, I walk on and just believe.  He hears my prayer and when I get there, the miracle promised by my Father is waiting in the water.  Let go and let God has been my moto.  I believe getting a clear conscious is the most releasing peace.  Once I received that, it has  been my go to.  Each time I doubt, God reminds me of what He showed me.  God can do all things.  We just have to let Him and that is the hard part.  God is my protector and he has built a hedge.  If God tells you to move forward for Him and you do not, things will only get worse.  If you move forward, God can work miracles no one could imagine.  Anyone who stands between you and God is a hindrance.”

She said so much more than I ever could.  Why?  Because she’s been through it.

In the process of this writing, I had a second cousin take an overdose and succumbed to the effects.  His mother and father were devastated, yet, they expected that call at any moment.  I have other family members and friends who feel the same way.  Why is this world so difficult to live in?  Satan is the “prince of the earth.”  All of these things are straight from him.  He is a thief and a liar.  He will do absolutely anything he can to destroy you, your home and any witness your life has on someone else.  Keep your guard up.  He is always on the prowl.

I do believe the God will soon send His Son to get His Bride.  I pray that each of you are ready.  I pray that you are living your days for Him and Him alone.  Please do not be selfish and think only of yourself.  Satan loves that.  That is one of his first lies; making you believe you are worth more than dust.  Dust, we are.

God Bless,