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Shepherd’s Wife (Part 1)

“Something’s wrong with Lisa,” Kyla’s mother, Eulalia said.

“I think she’s just tired,” Kyla responded.  

“No, Kyla.  This goes much deeper than just tired.”  

This was the day that God revealed to Kyla and her mother, that my husband, Scott, was to preach the gospel.  He was going to become a shepherd.

How do you “become” a shepherd?  You have to be called.  Called by God to carry His precious Word into a world where it is not well received.  By the same token, the shepherd’s wife is called with her husband.  We are to be a helpmate to him.    Mark 10:8 says that “they are no more twain, but one flesh.”  Ladies, if your husband is called, YOU ARE TOO!    

So often, I hear about pastor’s wives that just come, take their seat in the pew and never offer to help in any way.  I’ve been told personally, “You are more of a TEAM than just the pastor himself.  We’ve never had that before!”  I must admit, I was a little taken aback at first when I heard this.  I thought surely, all pastor’s wives would WANT to help their husbands and church family!  What else would they do!  

How can you help you may ask?  By answering the call!  You are there to help your husband guide those sheep in every way.  

Before I get too far please realize, I do not mean by preaching or by attending deacon’s meetings that you have no privy to.  But I don’t mean just warming a seat when the doors are open!

“If God has called you, He will equip you!”  Do you realize that this applies to us women as well?    

Job had a stock of 14,000 sheep and King Solomon sacrificed 120,000 at the Temple dedication in I Kings 8:63, so the abundance of “Shepherds” was great in Biblical times.  It is no wonder God used the comparison of His people to that of sheep.  If we are to help, ladies, we need understand what our position is.  It’s time to put on the whole armour of God and get on with His business.  There’s not a lot of time left, but there is truly a famine in the land and very few workers in the field.  God said it would be this way; (Amos 8:11 and Matthew 9:37,38)        It is often, too easy to think of how much more simple your life would be without the additional burden of a church and flock to attend to.  No business meetings, no associational meetings, no hospitals, funeral homes, nursing homes, retirement centers, shut in’s, backsliders, and socials to have to see about.  What????  I thought the deacons were supposed to do the visiting?  Isn’t that what the Bible says?  We’ll talk about that a little later.  But the point is, we become selfish with our own time.  STOP!  That’s just it.  It is not OUR time to be selfish with.  It is Gods.  Everything, and I mean everything, comes from Him and is centered on doing His will, not ours.  

Even the bad?  Yes.  Even the bad.  How did God turn around the terrible stoning death of Stephen?  By saving Paul (Saul) on the Road to Damascus and thereby, saving many souls because of his preaching!  He was a witness to Stephens death.  Even agreed with it!   But God showed him differently.  God showed Scott differently one day.  Scott was already a saved man, but he was not serving God the way God wanted.  We had argued for years, I would go to the car and get in the back seat to pray.  He would get angrier.  He accidentally, ran over my foot and sent me to the ER while we were arguing.  Time after time, God was trying to show him that He would have to come His way.  But Scott was determined to hold out.  

Scott had served in the military and was in Desert Storm.  Needless to say, he let God know in that desert that if he made it back safely, he would serve Him.  Now God was here to collect.  It was during his denial, that I suddenly developed asthma.  Not your simple wheezing with a cold episodes.  Mine was as serious as it gets.  I would go to the car in the middle of the night so not to wake my children and run the air conditioner as high as it would go, to try to help me catch a breath.  It would take about four hours for these episodes to subside.  It was literally threatening my life.  Then, one day in Asheville NC, God had had enough.  He was going to take me out of this old world.  Who was I with?  Bob and Kyla.  

Bob rushed me to the ER and stayed with me.  It didn’t look good the doctor told Bob.  They got the oxygen on me and pumped my body full of steroids to try to open my lungs.  They were collapsing.  I knew I was dying and I knew why.  

We were recording “God Has Been Good To Me.”  That’s the only thing that was going through my mind as I lay there walking through the images of my life before me.  I was ready to go.  But, God spared me.  

Scott DID preach!  What a battle it has been getting here.  Satan surely did not want this.  It was, and is, against everything he stands for.  Our case is no different from yours.  Satan desires that no one goes to Heaven and no one serves God.  If he can keep you from witnessing to the lost or the down trodden, he has you exactly where he wants you.  We are to help each other whether we are in the pastoral position or teaching, singing, or we are one of God’s secret weapons—a “Prayer Warrior.  We are all called to be in HIS image.  

So, let’s get to it, ladies!  We’ll find out more of what we are to do this with ominous label and position we have in the next installment.  

God’s Blessings,