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Shepherd’s Wife (Part 2)

“Bloom where you are planted.”  I didn’t like it when Kyla told me that years ago, but, I’ve learned to love and accept it.  

God can use you right where you are.  It doesn’t matter where, just ask Him and He will open a door of opportunity for you.

“I have no talent.”  Is that what you are saying?  Believe me, I have very little, but God chooses to use me.  That is no excuse.  “I don’t know what my talent is!”  Is that your trouble?  Are you waiting to wake up one morning and suddenly realize you can sing? How about play an instrument or teach Sunday School?  I bring those up because those are the ones people notice.  Are they more important?  Absolutely not.

In Acts 9 we find a woman named Dorcas, or Tabitha.  The Bible clearly states that she was a disciple.  What?!  A woman?  I don’t argue with the Word of God!  That’s what it says.   What was her talent?  She was very talented in making coats and garments.  She was known in the entire city of Joppa for this.  Her talent must have been one of pure beauty.  Her good works and almsdeeds (works of mercy) were not in vain.

It’s ironic that God led me to this scripture.  I HATE sewing.  I don’t want to even sew on a button.  My momma made me take sewing in 4H and I’ve hated it ever since!  We would argue over how to cut out a dress simply because I am left handed and she thought I was holding the scissors the wrong way.  It was wrong to her!  That’s another subject, but I do believe God has a sense of humor sometimes.

Peter was in the midst of his ministry during this time and while Peter was there, Tabitha died and was laid in an upper chamber.  Peter was summoned and he came and went into the upper chamber.  There were many people, widows, weeping and admiring her handiwork.  They knew of this good work.  They knew her stitches.  

Peter “put them all forth” and kneeled down and prayed.  He turned to Tabitha’s body and said, “Tabitha, arise.”  That’s it.  That’s all it took.  Through the power of the Holy Ghost, Tabitha opened her eyes.  “And when she saw Peter, she sat up.”  

“And he gave her his hand, and lifted her up, and when he had called the saints and widows, presented her alive.”  What happened next?  Word spread like wild fire!  Imagine, you have witnessed death.  Every time you go to the funeral home, you witness death.  These saints and widows were witness to Tabitha’s death!  How could she be alive?  All because of Tabitha’s talent, many were there to bear witness!  And the last thing that happened?  Many believed in the Lord.  Hallelujah!  

I ask you today, does anyone know your stitches?  Are you willing to labor for the Lord?  Can you be called “disciple” as Tabitha was in Acts 9:36?  Think on these things.  Pray on these things.  Ask God to reveal in you His perfect task and talent for you.  I promise you, it will not only affect you, but many others; lives you may not even realize you touch!  

God’s Blessings,