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The Light

Track List

  1. God Delivered Me
  2. Looking At A Risen Lamb
  3. The Light
  4. That Tomb Is Still Empty
  5. God’s Word Will Stand
  6. So, I’ll Tell Jesus
  7. He’s Still On The Throne
  8. God Understands
  9. Holy, Glory To The Lamb
  10. Marching In Victory



Family Affair

family affair tracksTrack List

  1. Our Third Day
  2. How Blessed
  3. I Think I’ll Just Go With God
  4. A Family Affair
  5. Somebody Go Get God
  6. Tell Me The Story Of Jesus
  7. Glorious Night
  8. Purpose
  9. Telling The Story
  10. Because
  11. Heaven Is Waiting
  12. This Jordan


Songs We Remember

songs we remember tracksTrack List

  1. I Made It By Grace
  2. This Old Sinner Testifies
  3. More Than Just A Hill
  4. Forever Changed
  5. Stand Still
  6. I Rest My Case At The Cross
  7. Miracle In Me
  8. Through The Fire
  9. I Can, I Have, I Will
  10. Safe Thus Far




He’s Alive

He's Alive 300

Track List

  1. He’s Alive
  2. Simply Because I Believe
  3. Death Had To Let Him Go
  4. Fear For Faith
  5. No Place That Far
  6. We’ll Go Down Standing Up
  7. God Has Been Good To Me
  8. He’s Still God
  9. Sweet Things Out Of Dark Places
  10. What A Wonderful Time (To Be A Christian)




Make Mine The Real Thing

Track List

  1. He Took My Case
  2. I Can Still Pray Through
  3. All Our Hope
  4. Make Mine The Real Thing
  5. He Crossed Out My Sin And Shame
  6. What’s That For A Healer
  7. The Blood And It’s Power
  8. My Prayers Are All Over You
  9. God Handled It All
  10. But He Did
  11. One Prayer Away



Prior To A Prayer

Track List

Glory Burst Through The Darkness

Track List